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Elisa Bethan - In your Dreams 1080p
Elisa transferred from the Eastern European branch of the company and thought America would be much better with the men not being such pigs. She was mostly wrong. Richard at least makes his remarks sound like jokes and she could complain but he is a good enough work partner and all she has to do is laugh at him and tell him "in his dreams" when he makes "jokes" about her watching him jerk off or giving a helping hand.


Elisa thinks it must just be because her made a joke that she dreamed about letting Richard jerk of to her and then actually jerking him off onto her tits.

Just because Elisa wore something sexier to work doesn't mean she wants Richard to flirt with her. It was just a dream after all. Sometimes she just likes to show herself off a bit. When Richard makes a "joke" about getting promoted and having be his sexy secretary she knows where it is going and sure enough he makes inuendo about her blowing him in his new office. Well he can dream about it

The dreams are really starting to get into Elisa's head. She doesn't actually want Richard does she? He has a meeting with the board to pitch his new project and if they like it he will actually get the promotion he keeps taking about. he makes comment about celebrating by fucking her in the board room. That night Elisa has a dream about Richard fucking her like she's needed for months.

The dreams have finally gotten to Elisa, she wakes up SO HORNY and wet, She decides to see him in the board room after everyone has left

It's better than her dream and Elisa is glad her subconcsious knew what she really needed
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