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HD superhero porn; Winter Bell Controls Fucks her Sex Servant

Winter Bell Controls Fucks her Sex Servant
Winter Bell Controls Fucks her Sex Servant
Part #1 of Space Dystopia Porn: Winter Bell is the captain of the space ship and all she wants is some cock at the end of a long week. Her minion Sean is her sex slave that does whatever she commands him to do. Unfortunately for her, Sean is a little bit defective, but he still manages to get the job done. Watch as Winter gets frustrated with her sex slave. She degrades him over and over as she makes him fuck her with his huge cock. BACK STORY: The year is 2520 and the earth has been completely destroyed. All the humans that remain are alive in space colonies throughout the galaxy. Since THE GREAT DEMISE, women have been getting smarter & smarter every year and men have been getting dumber and dumber. It's to the point that men are so stupid all they can say is Yes & Okay. They are as dumb as a box of rocks and used only for reproduction and pleasure. Men are considered the property of women and have no human rights. To be continued..
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